Zipper in two sizes No.3 and No.7


Zipper in roll in two sizes No.3 and No.7 in several colors. At No. 3 the roll is 300mt while at No.7 200mt

Zipper No.3 White, YTA00025
Zipper No. 3 Beige, YTA00132
Zipper No.3 Ecru, YTA00133
Zipper No.3 Black, YTA00135

Zipper No.7 White, YTA00027
Zipper No. 7 Beige, YTA00128
Zipper No.7 Ecru, YTA00129
Zipper No.7 Black, YTA00131
Zipper No.7 Gray, YTA00130
Zipper No.7 Brown, YTA00149

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