Cotton piping cord

Cotton piping cord 3mm – 4mm – 5mm – 6mm – 7mm – 8mm and 9mm.


Cotton piping cord in a roll, in various available thicknesses 3mm – 4mm – 5mm – 6mm – 7mm – 8mm and 9mm.

Cotton fillet 3mm, 500 meters, YTA00037
Cotton fillet 4mm, 400 meters, YTA00038
Cotton fillet 5mm, 400 meters, YTA00040
Cotton fillet 6mm, 300 meters, YTA00041
Cotton fillet 7mm, 250 meters, YTA00102
Cotton fillet 8mm, 200 meters, YTA00101
Cotton fillet 9mm, 150 meters, YTA00155


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